• All you can eat


All you can eat

Wine not? We know you want to, and with this 6 bottle pack of all-natural wine, you definitely should. Trust us, with this pack of natural wine, you'll be the life of the party, the king or queen of the kitchen dance floor, and the ruler of all romantic evenings. So, what are you waiting for?

This bundle includes:

Remi Poujul - Le Temps Fait Tout 250 DKK
La Despeinada - Ciego 200 DKK
Laurent Lebled - On es sut sable 230 DKK
La Despeinada - Pieroja 200 DKK
Case Vecchie - Spostato Rosa 210 DKK
Barranco Oscuro - El Pino Rojo 240 DKK
Total value 1.330 DKK
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