• A Taste of the Cosmos


A Taste of the Cosmos

Dive into a world of vinous wonder with our 'A Taste of the Cosmos' bundle! Unveil the vibrant tapestry of flavors and aromas with Matassa's elegant Olla Blanc and bold Olla Rouge, while Enlaire's Rebel-lat adds a rebellious twist. Experience the terroir-driven magic of Los Comuns' Erratica and the celestial essence of Cosmic's Desti and Encarinyades. This bundle promises a thrilling odyssey through diverse expressions of wine, sure to delight every palate and elevate your wine journey to new heights

This bundle includes:

Matassa - Olla Blanc 270 DKK
Matassa - Olla Rouge 300 DKK
Enlaire - Rebel-lat 150 DKK
Los Comuns - Erratica 199 DKK
Cosmic - Desti 230 DKK
Cosmic - Encarinyades 290 DKK
Total value  1439 DKK
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