• Palette of Wonders


Palette of Wonders

Welcome to a vinous world tour with our 'Palette of Wonders' bundle! Roam through the crimson landscapes with Barranco Oscuro's El Pino Rojo, a forest of flavours in a bottle. Then, venture into the heart of natural winemaking with Le Raisin et l'Ange's Nedjema, an ode to vineyard tales. Prepare for a celestial experience with Cosmic's Desti and the starlit Encarinyades. Feel the sandy beaches with Laurent Lebled's On es sut sable, a coastal retreat in every sip. Finally, find peace in Mataburro's Otium, a tranquil moment captured in a bottle. This thoughtfully curated collection guarantees an extraordinary journey, painting terroir portraits on your palate with each uncorked treasure.

This bundle includes:

Barranco Oscuro - El Pino Rojo 240 DKK
Le Raisin et l'Ange - Nedjema 220 DKK
Cosmic - Desti 230 DKK
Cosmic - Encarinyades 290 DKK
Laurent Lebled - On es sut sable 230 DKK
Mataburro - Otium 220 DKK
Total value  1430 DKK
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