• More wine, more love


More wine, more love

Once upon a time, a bottle of natural wine caught the eye of a thirsty adventurer. They took a sip, and it was love at first taste. The bold, unique flavors swept them off their feet, and they knew they had to have more. That's when they discovered this 6 bottle pack of all-natural wine, and it was like finding a pot of gold at the end of a vineyard. Each bottle was a new love affair, with a different taste and aroma to discover. The adventurer enjoyed the wine with friends, with a special someone, and even by themselves. And they lived happily ever after, surrounded by the love of natural wine.

This bundle includes:

Cellar 9+ - 7é 170 DKK
Cellar 9+ - Medol Seleccio Ancestral
170 DKK
Oller Del Mas - Superbloom 210 DKK
Matassa - Olla Blanc 270 DKK
Cosmic - Encarinyades 290 DKK
Fruita Analogica - A Whole Lot of Rosé 210 DKK
Total value 1.320 DKK
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