This is Hooch Club Events

Being active is always a good look. Drinking natural wine is too.

Let’s combine those two things.

Hooch up your event

Looking to jazz up your event with some fantastic natural wine? We've got your back, my friend! Whether you're throwing a big birthday bash, or a laid-back get-together, we've got the perfect wine to make your guests go "Wowza!"

No need to stress, let us pick the wines to your liking or select them yourself.

But wait, there's more! We don't just stop at bottles of goodness. We've got options; Fancy a natural wine tasting? Get a detailed description with your wine or have us share our wine secrets at your event. We'll sort you out with a sweet deal either way.

Drop us a line today and let's chat about getting you hooked up with some seriously awesome natural wines for your event.

Phone: +45 30310577