• Enchanted Vineyard Trio


Enchanted Vineyard Trio

Unlock a vinous odyssey with our 'Cosmic Wine Adventure' bundle! Begin your journey with the elegance of Celler +9's Seleccio 1r, a true reflection of Catalan passion. Venture into the celestial with Cosmic's Desti, a wine that unveils the mysteries of the universe. Then, dive into the playful world of Les Vins Pirouttes' Glou Glou, where each sip is a joyful pirouette on the taste buds. This curated trio promises an expedition through cosmic flavours and terroir tales, leaving your palate enchanted and your senses thrilled

This bundle includes:

Celler +9 - Seleccio 1r 160 DKK
Cosmic - Desti  230 DKK
Les Vins Pirouttes - Glou Glou 220 DKK
Total value 610 DKK
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