• Artisanal Celebration


Artisanal Celebration

Embark on a vinous fiesta with our 'Artisanal Celebration' bundle! Let the vivacious spirit of Patrick Bouju's Festejar dance on your palate, followed by the poetic elegance of Francois Saint Lo's Le Palennes. Finally, savor the purity and grace of Matassa's Olla Blanc. This selection promises a vibrant journey through flavors, where every sip is a celebration of natural winemaking craftsmanship. Raise your glass and toast to the joyous symphony of these exceptional wines.

This bundle includes:

Patrick Bouju - Festejar 280 DKK
Francois Saint Lo - Le Palennes
350 DKK
Matassa - Olla Blanc 270 DKK
Total value 900 DKK



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