• Red Notice


Red Notice

Embrace the Art of Natural Wine with our 'Red Notice' bundle! Feel the fiery passion of Patrick Bouju's Mol, a volcanic eruption of flavours in every sip. Savor the poetic elegance of Frederic Cossard, a wine that whispers stories of the vineyard. And take a refreshing 'Pause Canon Rouge' with Le Raisin et l'Ange, where time stands still in a glass. This curated trio promises an extraordinary journey through the world of natural wines, where each bottle is a chapter in the great story of artisanal winemaking.

This bundle includes:

Patrick Bouju - Mol 220 DKK
Frederic Cossard 
280 DKK
Le Raisin et l'Ange - Pause Canon Rouge 170 DKK
Total value 670 DKK

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