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Unlock a world of cellar secrets with our 'Cellar 9+ Vinous Trilogy' bundle! Immerse yourself in the artistry of Catalan winemaking with the Seleccio 1r and 7è - both embodying the heart and soul of Cellar +9. And let's not forget the ancestral allure of Medol Seleccio Ancestral, a true testament to tradition and terroir. Indulge in a journey through time and taste, celebrating the rich heritage and innovative spirit of Cellar +9, all in one extraordinary bundle.

This bundle includes:

Cellar 9+ - Seleccio 1r 160 DKK
Cellar 9+ - 7è 
170 DKK
Cellar +9 - Medol Seleccio Ancestral 170 DKK
Total value 500 DK

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